Estel & Nancy – Little Rock, AR


In the midst of busy careers in the newspaper industry, Estel and Nancy discovered Cherokee Village as a community where they could retreat away from the hectic pace of city living. Estel recalls, “We'd leave Little Rock on Friday and by the time we hit the hills on the drive up to the Village we could feel relaxation setting in, like weights falling off our shoulders.” 


After owning for over a decade in the Village they’ve not only created a beautiful vacation retreat but have found a community of lifelong friends.  Nancy says, “When we arrive in the Village, we put the red umbrella out on the deck signaling we’re here, and within the hour we’re getting calls from friends and neighbors inviting us over for a glass of wine or dinner.” Estel adds, “We feel like we’ve found our own little piece of ‘Mayberry,' and we love it.”