Check out the video above. We hear from so many of our Village Property Owners who want to have the lot next door. This brief video shows some of the benefits of owning that extra bit of land that adjoins your property.


The Lot Next Door Program: 
Exclusively for our Current Property Owners and Their Family

For a limited time, receive a discount on the lot next to your property if it’s available. You also have the opportunity to trade your property for a lot in a preferred location or toward the purchase of several lots side-by-side. 

Advantages of Owning the Lot Next Door

  • Added privacy

  • Extra space to add a garage or workshop

  • Additional space for driveway extension and more vehicle parking

  • Opportunity to expand the yard

  • More room for a pool or recreational amenities

  • Additional space for gardens

  • To protect a view

  • Flexibility for future home expansion

  • To increase overall property value

  • The security of knowing that no one else will build immediately next door, behind or across the street 

Why have 1/3 acre when you can own 1 acre?

The average size of a Cherokee Village lot is 1/3 acre (14,520 sq ft).  Many owners are interested in having additional land and this is reflected in the fact that quite a few Village homeowners have two or three adjoining lots in addition to their primary homesite lot.  For many of our owners, the opportunity to own 1 acre verses 1/3 acre is more appealing. 

Trade-In Option

If we do not have the lot next to your lot and you are interested in owning multiple lots together, you can trade your lot in toward the purchase of two, three or four lots together.  Contact one of our agents today to learn more about your trade-in options.

Interested in owning the lot next door? Contact us today to get started.