Celebrating 100 Years of Camping

Be sure to join us in September to celebrate 100 years of camping along South Fork River.

The land now occupied by Cherokee Village has a historic and strong connection to camping and scouting. In 1916, the Memphis Council’s Boy Scout camp (Kia Kima) and Camp Miramichee (YWCA camp) were founded along the banks of the South Fork River on land that now sits within and just outside of the Cherokee Village city limits. Shortly after 1916 a girl scout camp (Kiwani) was established nearby and in the early 1940’s another Boy Scout camp (Cedar Valley) was established along South Fork River.

In September this year the Cherokee Village community will join former OKK and Miramichee campers to celebrate 100 years of camping along the South Fork River. The celebration will take place at the sites of each camp and also in the Village Town Center from September 16 to 18, 2016. Former campers and visitors will be able to enjoy the beauty of the recently restored OKK camp and a weekend full of family-friendly activities. Stay tuned here for more details about the “Celebrating 100 Years of Camping” weekend. Camp alumni can find more information about your camp’s 100th Anniversary celebration activities at OKKcamp.org.

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