Get to know the Spring River Gem and Mineral Club

The Spring River Gem and Mineral Club is a group of people interested in earth sciences and related subjects, such as geology, mineralogy, paleontology, archeology and lapidary arts. The group meets monthly, featuring guest speakers and a silent rock auction, followed by a dutch treat luncheon at an area restaurant. Members can also participate in monthly field trips, which have included tours of the lead mines in Missouri, digs for fossils and crystals at various sites in Arkansas and Missouri, and visits to museums and artists' studios. The regular meetings are held from 10:00 am until noon on the first Thursday of every month at the Omaha Center, 20 Omaha Circle, in Cherokee Village. On July 7 the guest speaker will be Dr. Christopher Liner, faculty member of the University of Arkansas, whose topic will be "Energy and Society." His talk will introduce world energy use with emphasis on fossil fuels and, in particular, unconventional gas and oil. We live in a world where energy is headline news, from nuclear power plant safety to natural gas fracking to Co2 and climate. Dr. Liner is well qualified to speak on the subject and an interesting speaker. The club always welcomes visitors, so come check them out and get to know some avid rock hounds. You will find all types of people from those who are serious scientists to amateur geologists to those who just like collecting "pretty rocks." For more information, call President Mary Traxel at 573-718-1836.

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