Recycling in Cherokee Village

WE ACCEPT: ALUMINUM Soda and other aluminum cans. No aluminum foil or pans. CARDBOARD It is not necessary to keep cardboard dry. Damp is ok, but not soggy. Flatten and remove all foam, plastic, or paper packing. Staples are ok, but be careful of injury when breaking down stapled boxes. Please, no waxed boxes-they are good for moving but not for recycling. PAPERS Newspaper, advertising inserts, Junk or advertising mail and envelopes, colored or white paper, magazines, catalogs, phone books, office paper, & paper wrapping paper. PLASTICS Look for the triangle at the bottom. Only #1 and #2 bottles can be recycled. Do not put in the same bag with papers. Rinse well (no cooking oil or car oil containers) STEEL CANS Canned food cans and their caps or lids (must be rinsed and clear of food). It is not necessary to remove labels, no spray cans. Recyclables should not contain food residue. Please rinse. ________________________________________ WE DO NOT ACCEPT • Garbage • CFL Light Bulbs (take to NAEC- Ash Flat) • Tires (take to Ash Flat) • Glass • Yard waste (compost!) • Motor oil / wet cell batteries (take to Village Service Station) • Styrofoam or packing peanuts • Clothes, shoes and clothing accessories (donate!)

To find out more, call 870-994-3020.

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