Welcome 24 New Property Owners

Kathy Hogue- Jonesboro, Arkansas

Edward Ray & Sherrill Langford- Arlington, Tennessee

Leah Marie Davis- Warrenton, Missouri

Gary Troyan- Clearwater, Florida

Lyra Huffine- Hardy, Arkansas

Janelle and Roger Bristow- Palmyra, Illinois

Thomas Sullins and Jeanette Campbell- Bartlett, Tennessee

Anita Holaday- Emmonake, Alaska

Michael and Suzanne Studley- Memphis, Tennessee

Paul Huensch and Mary Dewitt-Huensch- St.Louis, Missouri

Jon Telford- Williford, Arkansas

Jonathan Paul Byers- Georgetown, Illinois

Kevin Loyd- Jonesboro, Arkansas

Teresa Chastain

Garry and Carol Anne Lawrence

Samuel and Peggy Weir

Amanda Duggar

Ellen Earls

Orville and Beverly Scott

Margaret Parker

Brian and Judy Powell

Nicholas and Tamara Crisp

Margaret Naylor

Joseph Wilson

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